• January 20th, 2019
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Taxi union calls off national strike

WINDHOEK - The newly formed Namibia Taxi and Transport Union (NTTU) says it is no longer going to have a countrywide taxi strike because the Parliament Standing Committee on Legal and Economic Affairs has called for public consultation on the issue. NTTU is a union representing taxi drivers and has been asking that government consider lowering traffic fines as they are too exhorbitant especially for the public transportsindustry that is prone to violate traffic rules in their daily operations. This week NTTU issued a statement saying it is satisfied with the government response to the union’s petition, which had demanded a response before October24  or the country would face a national strike of taxis. “This led to our decision to provisionally call off the taxi strike,” reads the statement. The union has however distanced itself from the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta), the association representing buses and taxi owners, as well as the Namibia Public Passenger Transport Association (NPPTA) a recent splinter association from Nabta. NTTU says it has no relations with the two associations.     By Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
New Era Reporter
2013-10-31 10:51:08 5 years ago

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