• January 21st, 2019
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Auanga is first commander for Kavango West

Crime and Courts, Archived
Crime and Courts, Archived

RUNDU -The Namibian Police announced the appointment of Olavi Auanga as the first-ever regional police commander of the newly constituted region of Kavango West. Police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga made the announcement during the opening ceremony of the four-day Senior Command Conference currently underway in Rundu. Auanga is the first senior government official to be appointed to one of the two regions following the division of the former Kavango region into two regions. The announcement drew a loud round of applause from the conference attendees, which compromised of all police regional commanders and other senior police staff members. “Following the Fourth Delimitation Commission, which resulted in, among others, the split of Kavango Region into Kavango East and West, I have appointed the regional commander of the former Kavango Region, Commissioner Olavi Auanga, as the regional commander of Kavango West Region and at the same time as the caretaker of Kavango East Region, pending the identification and appointment of a potential commander for the Kavango East,” announced Ndeitunga. “It is my pleasure to announce that Commissioner Olavi Auanga is appointed as the regional commander for Kavango West Region, he will be the caretaker commander for Kavango East until an appointment is made,” said Ndeitunga.   By Mathias Haufiku
New Era Reporter
2013-11-01 15:08:15 5 years ago

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