• January 19th, 2019
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Ongoro and friends grace Zoo Park

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

WINDHOEK- After last weekend when Mutjangatjike Ben Muundjua and company invaded the coast with a show that has been described as one of the best ever at the coast, some of the roads in the Oviritje genre will be leading to the Zoo Park here midtown tomorrow night when Ongoro launches their latest album, the 9th in total. The show promises a show of all shows featuring the likes of Gazza and other oviritje genre groups like Wild Dogs.  Meantime the show in Swakopmund featuring Mutjangatjike and others have been described as a big success with the Facebook abuzz with accolades about its awesomeness. It is about two years ago since the group brought out their last album in 2011 titled Ndjipo Ngoma (Pass me the keyboard). As many may recall Ndjipo Ngoma coveted OngoroNomundu the Best Oviritje category award in this year’s  Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). The new album is titled  Mission Accomplished which is a testimony to the band’s  short journey in which they have been   harde to become a music  academy and best musicians in Namibia if not the whole  world during which they  faced many challenges and obstacles. “ Finally after the past 12 years of the existence of the Ongoro Nomundu our  mission to be an Acendemy is Accomplished!!! The result and all you will wintess in the near future,” affirms Gerhard Makono the bands manager. The launch of the  12- track album features among others an array of artists from different genres other than Oviritje like The Dogg, Maszanga, Diop, Wild Doggs Ya Hakañe, Vekazemba,  Dallock,  Kanibass and Rax. The gates open at 18h00 for 19h30 and tickets are available at Computicket and all Shoprite/ Checkers stores country wide. Eleven of the  tracks on this album are of an extraordinary Ongoro Nomundu unique style and track 9 is the song featuring on  Mushe’s  album title Life without Music which has been produced by Kboss at Turntable King Production.  The songs is a mixture of Oviritje/ Kwaito and Afro Pop with a touch of Oviritje ala  Ongoro with their  unique lyrics.  Mushe comes in with his fantastic,  awesome voice and  KBoss twists the beat marvelously with his Afro Pop beat.  “The reason we went this extra mile is because we have fans around the globe who are ready to hear different types of songs from Ongoro Nomundu.... if you are in the music industry anything should be possible,” Makono justifies. For Oviritje lovers and music fans in general the show promises lots of surprises. “The way our own natural resources, the artists are ready to get it rolling on that stage is just extraordinary and it's gonna be a massive, the big and awesome sound setup... Tide Security... a must attended local event based on the setup and structure,” appetisers Makono. Meantime the weekend promises not an OngoroNomundu and a  Zoo Park  affair only with various artists, among them Tjonga and Vevangapi also billed to release their albums. They would be followed later this month by releases by the likes of Mutjangatjike, Vekazemba, Onyoka, Kappa Kamaheke, Jimmy Katjiteo, Veungura and Diop Katuuo. So for oviritje lovers once again X-Mas promises one of aplenty in terms of new releases.
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