• January 23rd, 2019
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Ndeitunga is healthy and well

[caption id="attachment_38890" align="alignleft" width="110"]Namibia Police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga. Namibia Police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga.[/caption] RUNDU - The country’s national police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga says he is very healthy and his visit to a medical centre in Rundu over the weekend was merely one of routine. “I am not ill, I was not rushed to hospital but just drove there for some prescription. It is nothing to be alarmed about,” Ndeitunga told this newspaper following the report that he visited the hospital in Rundu on Saturday. Ndeitunga was in Rundu for the four-day police senior command conference that concluded last week Friday. He did admit that he does experience now and again a minor gastric condition for which he has to take medication. He however emphasized that it is not a life-threatening health condition, and that he is generally as fit as a fiddle.   By Staff Reporter
New Era Reporter
2013-11-06 09:58:23 5 years ago

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