• January 19th, 2019
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Ovambanderu hosts cultural festival

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

WINDHOEK- Today and tomorrow sees two days of cultural extravaganza by the Ovambanderu in Katutura.   Among the highlights of the event are traditional dances, known as omuhiva for men, and outjina for women, which will be led by renown Omumbanderu male traditional dancer from Botswana, Mbeka Hinangombe. Experts from the community would be on hand to take members of the community through the process of dissecting an animal carcass, especially a cattle, why such is dissected in the various cuts as well as the traditional meaning of the cuts. The event is starting today at four O’clock until late to resume tomorrow morning at eight O’clock in the morning, when the main event of dissecting an animal carcass is taking place. Explaining the essence of the cultural day, Ovambanderu spokesperson, Uazenga Ngahahe-Tjiposa, says these days the Ovambanderu culture has been reduced to paramilitary drill parades in the trademark green flag regalia. While this an adopted culture it is by no means the essence of the Ovambandru culture. Other main aspects of this community’s culture seems to be eroding if not having faded away altogether. Hence the need go back to basics in terms of the cultural practices of this traditional community. It is important to revive the community’s cultural practices especially for the benefit of the younger and future generations of this traditional community, affirms Ngahahe-Tjiposa. Tickets for entry to the event ranges between N$30 and N$50 and an official of the City Council of Windhoek or from the Khomas Regional Council is expected to officially open the event tomorrow morning. Tickets are available from Edward Hijangoro at 0812551188 or Kapanda Marenga at 0812313027.
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