• January 23rd, 2019
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Short Khilla launches second album

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

EENHANA – A Katima Mulilo aspiring stocky musician popularly known by the stage name of Short Khilla has released his second album titled Zintu Zonse Nji Yes. The eleven- track album is now rocking on the Namibian Broadcasting Service’s (NBC)’s Silozi and Rukwangali radio language services. The album, launched about  two weeks ago in Katima Mulilo, and in Windhoek last weekend, talks about love affairs as happening in African family set up and social issues in general.  The album is now making noise in most shebeens  in the Zambezi Region. This time, he chose to include his Windhoek fans since he is on a marketing drive to establish a market for his music. “Since my first album, titled General Short Khilla,which I struggled to release because of financial problems, I have now learnt the hard way and I applaud both my Zambezi Region fans, and those in Windhoek, for supporting this second album so far,” he appreciates. The stocky and now confident Kwaito musician says the songs his fans have fallen in love with are the title track,Zintu Zonse Nji Yes (Everything is Yes) featuring Zecks Linosi; Osayenda (Don’t Go)  featuring Dolly, and the Zambian Supreme Star of the hit, Ku-Bed fameThe other track being reviewed and requested by his Silozi speaking fans on NBC are 2 NAD, which talks about how Namibian young and adults ladies have been addicted to requesting their boyfriends for a transfer of N $ 2 airtime to their mobile phones. “On 2 NAD I would like to educate our young Namibian ladies who are being killed from a disease called passion killing.  You find by the end of the day they have many boyfriends who transfer them 2 NAD  and as men we are now afraid of proposing ladies because of this thing called 2 NAD,” he says. In  the Zambezi Region, this eleven-track album was launched at his usual and popular venue, Ngweze Hall and in Windhoek fans  at Club Image, a watering hole also known as Kwa-George in Khomasdal.  Short Khilla says the album is a Christmas present for his fans as it has some danceable tracks like track number nine titled Namasiku. As an aspiring young musician with two albums under his belt, Short Khilla whose original names are Booysen Kabunga says the sky is the limit for his music career. “I started off from ground zero to where I ‘m now and I can foresee that my fans are still looking for more hits and I have to pull up my socks in this competition.  I promise them nothing but the best out of me,” he assures his fan base which has since grown to other regions in Namibia. The 21--year old musician has mesmerized his Zambezi Region fans with hits from his debut album with tracks such as Kabelo ki Mutende and Choose, with which he established and made a name for himself  in the region’s music circles.  He is now trying to penetrate the tight competitive environment of Windhoek, where his fans especially those from the regions of  Zambezi and Kavango appreciate his music genre. He has performed in Zambia and shared the stage with the popular Zambian musician  General Kanene and the Supreme Star of the Ku Bed hit maker.  He also played as a curtain raiser at most of the international shows staged in Katima Mulilo.  In Katima Mulilo he has also performed for a reasonable crowd with other musicians such as Ben Mwanamwali, Zonke and Zatrick Masiziyane. He has plans to shoot a video dedicated to his Rundu fans since he has already a song titled Ru-Town  on his latest album, featuring Kazla Jaivaz from Rundu.  Other songs on this latest album to complement the eleven songs are, The Intro, Mulisani, Pastor Mukete, Caprivi or Zambezi, Namungelele, and Party Groovers. Known for his electric dances on the stage, Short Khilla has promised to outsmart those who can challenge him on stage.  With his second album now rocking in the Zambezi Region, he promises to market it to other regions, especially Walvis Bay, where he plans to stage a show sometimes in December.  The album was distributed to Fresh FM, Base FM, and NBC English Radio language service while it’s now a hit with the Silozi and Rukwangali’s NBC’s listeners. His music appetite started way back during his Grade 5 days at the age of twelve years.  He was inspired by the Namibian legends such as Gazza and The Dogg. The new  album is available at Dolam River Bar, Gerry’s Bar, Asitobeke and from Street House in Rundu while in Katima Mulilo it  is selling at Mr Music, Entertainment Production and Cash and Carry Supermarket.  The CD is selling for N $ 120. All songs were recorded at Party Groovers music label, which is based at Katima Mulilo.  For bookings and shows, Short Khilla can be contacted on the following numbers +264 81 666 6006.   By Clemence Tashaya
New Era Reporter
2013-11-08 15:27:48 5 years ago

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