• September 26th, 2018
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Nehova calls for unity

WINDHOEK- Defeated Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) presidential candidate Kandy Nehova has urged RDP members to unite and leave behind their differences in the leadership battle that threatened unity in the ranks of the party over the weekend. Nehova who received 148 was thrashed by Hidipo Hamutenya who garnered 230 votes in the three-horse RDP presidential race with Jeremiah Nambinga trailing the two with a paltry 58 votes. In an interview with New Era yesterday, Nehova who is a member of the central committee of the party said there is no need for the party to keep on fighting. “The election is now over, therefore I am calling on all RDP supporters to rally behind the newly elected leaders as this will be the only way to defeat the ruling party.” Nehova said that he is happy that the 500-delegates convention took off as planned, which was a clear indication that the party is moving forward. “Of course I am not totally happy, but this is a process, we are a new party but all the newly elected leaders got my full support but not only my support, but the support of my followers,” he stressed. He further called on party members to go out in numbers and register for the upcoming national elections where the RDP will again lock horns with the ruling Swapo Party that enjoys a parliamentary majority. Other political parties expected to contest the 2014 elections include the DTA, Swanu of Namibia, Nudo, the Congress of Democrats (COD) and the All People’s Party (APP). “I can admit that the Swapo Party is a strong party, but I plead to you all to go out in numbers and register for the upcoming elections as this is the only way we can defeat the ruling party,” he stressed. Asked whether he was in support of the recently elected leadership of the RDP Youth League (RDPYL), Nehova said he is not in  support  of the newly elected youth league leaders claiming that the election in Keetmanshoop was unconstitutional  and illegal.  “The election in Keetmanshoop was illegal and unconstitutional, because the term of the current office bearers has not yet expired it will expire in March so the right time for the election should have been March 2014,” he said. By Kuzeeko Tjitemisa    
2013-11-12 10:08:24 4 years ago
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