• January 19th, 2019
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Police to probe alleged violence by staff member

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

WINDHOEK – The police will conduct internal investigations into alleged brutality by a policeman against the community of Omega 1, where a local resident was recently subjected to a severe beating, allegedly at the hands of a police officer who also faces other accusations from the community, including rape. The community member who was beaten up was a suspect in the theft of two live chickens. Police spokesman Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi gave the assurance of the investigations after New Era yesterday broke the story concerning the alleged acts of brutality involving a policeman at Omega 1, where residents angry over the recent acts of brutality will today stage a demonstration. "Internal investigations will take place," Kanguatjivi said, adding that there is nothing stopping the community from demonstrating or laying charges against the guilty police officer. Yesterday New Era reported that 24-year-old Kajere Sake had to be hospitalised at Andara Hospital after allegedly being severely beaten by a police officer. Sake is currently recuperating from his injuries that landed him in hospital. Liz Frank, from the Women's Leadership Centre told New Era yesterday:  "It seems that the police officer has not officially been charged with any crimes yet. We heard yesterday (Monday) that Warrant-Officer Veldskoen, the station commander, at Omega 1 police station was attacked by his own police officers for granting the Omega Young Women’s Group permission to march on Wednesday (today). He is a Damara and is now being accused of being sympathetic to the San." Warrant-Officer Veldskoen referred questions to Deputy Commissioner Kanguatjivi. Kanguatjivi said he did not have the full report, but confirmed that two chickens were allegedly stolen from two different people, with three accused involved. The deputy commissioner however said the complainants were contented with getting their chickens back and did not want to open a criminal case against the accused. One of the men was then given a hiding by the police officer in charge, while another was forced to do exercises and collapsed and was taken to Andara Hospital. He was released after recovering and feeling better. The station commander was not present Kanguatjivi said. Deputy Commissioner Kanguatjivi said that when the group initially wanted to demonstrate the officer who was present refused permission. The group then returned and the station commander granted them permission to demonstrate today, as long as they put their request in writing.   By Tunomukwathi Asino
New Era Reporter
2013-11-13 09:50:46 5 years ago

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