• January 23rd, 2019
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Nabta issues preventative warnings ahead of festive season

Crime and Courts, Archived
Crime and Courts, Archived

Nabta Chairman Pendapala Nakathingo. WINDHOEK - The Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta) has introduced a new mechanism that will hopefully prevent accidents on national roads during the coming festive season, dubbed the ’Accident and Alcohol-Free Festive Season’. In a press statement, Nabta said that in order to prevent road accidents, promote road safety and security of passengers, no bottles of alcohol or any other type of alcohol or drugs would be allowed in public transport vehicles. The organisation is urging all public road users to adhere to road signs and regulations, cooperate when required and ensure that vehicles are roadworthy. Bus owners are also expected to have co-drivers during the festive season to avoid fatigue. “Rules of the road and other related regulations should be adhered to at all times to arrive safely,” the public transport body said. Nabta national chairman, Pendapala Nakathingo, said that the organization would have its officials present at roadblocks in the country to monitor the operations of public transporters. In addition, Nabta has also introduced the ‘Public Transport Regulatory System’ to properly regulate public transport in Namibia to prevent overcharging and unnecessary conflict between drivers and commuters. The organization says it expects all passengers using public transport to be recorded in the Passenger Control Sheet book at  bus terminals in order to respond to queries when necessary. Nabta executives say they would be on standby during the festive season and ready to intervene where necessary.  
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2013-11-29 19:53:39 5 years ago

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