• January 21st, 2019
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Brumelda’s Music journey

Art Life
Art Life

WINDHOEK-Brumelda Scott is a female Mag/aisa, Afro Pop and RnB singer, who has been making her marks on the music industry for the past 20 years. She started with her music journey at a tender age of five years, since Grade 1, while at the Immanuel Ruiters Primary School in Walvis Bay. Brumelda says her voice was recognised by her late teacher, Zane Hudson, winner of the Namibia Broadcast Corporation (NBC)/Sanlam Music Makers competition, forerunner to the current Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). Zane Hudson and the conductor of the Mascato Coastal Youth Choir (MCYC) known by the time as Mrs. Venter ploughed into Brumelda’s talent and highly contrib­uted to the artist she is today. Since she uses to take part in the school choirs, talent shows, concert and cultural festivals, everyone including teachers was surprised and impressed by her voice.   Born in the beautiful southern town of Keet­manshoop, Brumelda later moved to Walvis Bay at the age of five where she attended primary and secondary schools. Brumelda says her niche in the music industry came in the limelight when she moved to the Duinesig Combined School. “After the teachers at school recognised my talent, they asked me to sing every year as part of the talent show. I used to perform other international artists’ songs such as Toni Braxton, Celine Deon and Mariah Carey. At a time I joined the MCYC where we used to sing with Ponti,” she says. This choir made her to travel a lot abroad in country such as Spain, Canada and Portugal. In 2004, Brumelda decided to go solo and released her first single titled Ti #hi #hisen sa tsuba tsi, which translates as ‘If I am proud of myself does anybody have a problem with that?”, a hit song that made Brumelda to shine all over the coun­try, especially amongst the Mag/aisa music lovers. In 2009, she released her debut album named after the single “Ti #hi #hisen sa tsuba tsi”. She entered the first (NAMAs in 2011 in the Best Mag/aisa category competing against the likes of Ander Donkie. “Although Ander Donkie took the award, it was a great experience for me to be nominated in the NAMAs and I was very happy for him for scooping the award since we were doing the same music,” she says. Her second album was Ti /hons/hatsa\/#uma, which caught the at­tention of big names such as Tate Buti who worked on a track to­gether which again became an instant hit. “We did a song for Tate Buti’s album titled Take me away. The fans went crazy over this song,” she says.   Her new album titled Mama Victoria was released last Friday. She says the album is a token of appreciation to the lady called Victoria Eises, a woman who raised her child. “As I am an orphan, Victoria saw all the things I went through in my life, especially at the delivery of my baby. I had a stroke and she was there to help me,” says Brumelda. The 14-track album has some nice gems such as Saka (Get Down) and a life touching song titled Mama Victoria. The album is produced by M-Jay and released under Deal Done Records. She is planning to make three music videos from the new album. “I am proud to have Antonio as my manager because things are now going well with my music and this is the best experience. I feel special and like a real artist, although I am already established,” says Brumelda thanking her grandparents Anna Nasima and Phillipus Nasima for supporting and helping her in her music career. By Pinehas Nakaziko
New Era Reporter
2013-12-13 14:01:06 5 years ago

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