• January 20th, 2019
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DJ Nkero launches mix-tape

Art Life
Art Life

ONDANGWA-Erastus Tsempo aka DJ Nkero is launching his first ever Mix-tape album titled Omagano (Gift), at the Elombe Village at Hidishange Family Bar on next Friday. The seven-track mix-tape is produced by his brother Titus “Kidd Ill” Hidishange. With hit songs like Eengalo, Elombe Anthem,3 Keys, Enzuna, Elombe Lyetu, Omagano and Goodnight, the mix tape will definitely bring the ear-gasm into the Namibian music lovers’ ears since he is coming up with his own unique style. "I combined Kwaito and Shambo to bring up a new Namibian music genre called Kwaisha, but my target was more on traditional & gospel music," says DJ Nkero. Local artists like Komesho, Mr Chilly, Big Mile, DJ Nyaau, Ama Daz Floor, Spdoo, Soeklam, Jikstar, Ahaz & Silent Killers will be gracing the stage at the launch.  Different art activities such as modelling, singing, cultural and modern dancing and sport are also part of the showcase.  "This will be the best way to fetch different talents among the villages’ youth to form up Elombe Arts Academy, an organisation that will help young artists and athletes from Elombe to reach their careers easily," he says.   DJ Nkero has transformed his personal talent into a professional career since he is a full time designer and photographer at Kappa Film & Printing CC in Oshakati where they do CDs, video shooting and many more. His launch is sponsored by Hidishange Trading CC, Kuukuluntu Electricals, Pongalophics & Mkwaanyoka Medias and Omushangala Investment. By Pinehas Nakaziko  
New Era Reporter
2013-12-13 14:30:12 5 years ago

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