• January 23rd, 2019
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Kombwana Okomaluvanda launches in Eenhana

Art Life
Art Life

ENHANA- December 24 will be a  hype of entertainment extravaganza when the Oshikwanyama novelist, Ismaeli Neumbo, launches his annual cultural event “Kombwana Okomaluvanda”.   Slated for the Eehnana Sport Field, the Kombwana Okomaluvanda event, which means ‘let’s all meet at the most entertaining events’ recently launched its annual Mr and Miss Namibian Culture, an event that saw beautiful young girls from different tribes battling it out for the main crown. Neumbo says  the Mr and Miss Namibian Culture was just part of the main event, but they hosted it in Windhoek simply because they wanted to cater for all and from different parts of country since Windhoek is of the centre of the country and they wanted everyone to attend and to participate in this event. The launch of Kombwana Okomaluvanda also sees Neumbo  launching his five Oshikwanya novels. Prices are up for grab with those buying four of Neumbo’s novels standing a chance to win different prices. Artists such as Satlam, Ekanda, Mushe, Kuku Nkandanga, Ama daz Floor, V-Mangunya and Tosh-Tosh will be gracing the stage during the event. The event also aims to celebrate Christmas Eve.  Gates open at ten o’clock and  refreshment such as foods and drinks will be on the house. Each book will cost N$ 200. By Pinehas Nakaziko
New Era Reporter
2013-12-13 14:35:16 5 years ago

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