• January 21st, 2019
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Ruben releases two movies

Art Life
Art Life

WINDHOEK-One of the local actors, Ruben Hinalume, has released his two movies, Kalambalalwa Part 1 and 2. Ruben who was born in Oluvango, in Omusati region, first started as a singer in 2010 with a group called Small D & Mr Gee. He says, at a time, his music career have been tripping and didn’t go through as he wanted due to financial problems. His career came in the limelight when he met a taxi driver who motivated him to become an actor, since he was so talkative. “After sometime thinking about what the taxi driver told me, I began to realise my dormant career. I then approached Ultimate Film Production (UFP) where I wanted to hear more about acting. I signed a contract with them and I began with my acting career,” says Ruben.   Last April he then feature in a film Tukotokeni. “After the public launch of the film, I have been receiving good motivation from the community telling me how good I am, and they encourage me to start shooting my own movies,” he says. At the beginning of this year, Ruben took an idea and starts to write his own movies,  first with  Kalambalalwa Part 1. The inspirational movie, Kalambalalwa Part 1 & 2 is about a young man named Kalambalalwa who suffers a lot in his life. Wherever he goes, trouble seems to follow him. On Part 1, this young man meets a woman whom he takes to a shebeen and makes her his wife. He is then abused by the woman, beaten and left hungry. After leaving the first wife he meets another one just to find out in the end that they are cousins.   “This movie is more educating our youth not to do things on their own, but rather follow their parents’ instructions. On this movie, I wanted to give an example to the nation on how to behave and respect people,” he boasts. Currently, Ruben is working on his second project, a feature film that will be titled Namibia lets unite, launching next month. By Pinehas Nakaziko
New Era Reporter
2013-12-13 14:29:29 5 years ago

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