• January 23rd, 2019
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Doping scandal hits horse racing

Features, Sport
Features, Sport

… claims of drug abuse and deception   WINDHOEK – The gloves are off in a war of words and accusations between horse owners following damning allegations that some unscrupulous racehorse owners have resorted to the ugly practice of injecting their animals with performance enhancing drugs ahead of major races leading to a dangerous act of potential result manipulation. A well-known sports personality and horse owner Norii Kaanjuka revealed to New Era Sport that he witnessed firsthand some horse owners pumping their animals with unspecified substances during last weekend’s Horse Racing Show in Rehoboth. Kaanjuka, a former Brave Warriors coach who currently holds a senior position within the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture expressed shock and dismay at the practice and made a humble plea to the culprits and would-be offenders to come clean and stop their ugly doings. “This sort of dishonesty is not only a disgrace to horse racing and the broader sport in general, it’s totally unacceptable and inhuman because this is also injurious to the poor animals as such practices could have far-reaching repercussions health-wise for the unsuspecting horses,” charged a distraught Kaanjuka. Asked why he did not report the maneuverings immediately upon stumbling on the offences, Kaanjuka could not provide exact answers rather than saying that those accused of this practice of result manipulation know who they are. “It’s not something that I heard from somebody else, I saw it with my own eyes what these corrupt blokes were up to. This practice amounts to corruption of the highest order and must be called to a halt as soon as possible before irreparable damage is committed to the credibility of horse racing.” He further expressed the hope that this expose would stop corrupt horse owners right in their tracks ahead of the last race of the year under the auspices of the Talisman Horse Racing Association in Talisman on Saturday. By Carlos Kambaekwa  
New Era Reporter
2013-12-17 10:59:04 5 years ago

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