• September 24th, 2018
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Features, National

WINDHOEK - The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Namibia Raúl Fuentes Milani says the EU is happy to be a partner of the Programme for Accelerating the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality in Namibia (PARMaCM). Milani was speaking at the PARMaCM get-together at the EU Ambassador’s residence on Tuesday evening. He added that the programme intends to accelerate the achievements of MDG’s 4 and 5 of reducing child mortality and improving maternal health in Namibia. “Significant steps have been taken in the first year of the implementation of the four- year programme,” he said. Health workers, Ministry of Health and Social Services managers and staff, and ambulance drivers were trained on various aspects of maternal and child health. The Ambassador said that a maternal and child health week has been conducted in 18 districts in seven regions. “During this campaign various maternal, newborn and child health interventions were provided such as routine immunization, iron and folic acid supplementation to pregnant women, and health education on various topics,” Milani added. “In addition, essential equipment and supplies were procured to improve service delivery in the area of maternal and child health, among others cold chain equipment for immunization, mosquito nets, field vehicles and ambulances. These accomplishments are worth celebrating,” he said. Also speaking at the event, Dr Richard Kamwi, the Minister of Health and Social Services said challenges that the ministry faced related to logistics, but now that the logistics are in place “we are seeing a glimpse of hope.” PARMaCM was launched in February this year. PARMaCM is a four-year programme (2013-16) with the goal of accelerating the achievement of Millennium Development Goals 4 (Reduce Child Mortality) and 5 (Improve Maternal Health). The €10 million programme is fully funded by the EU and implemented by the World Health Organisation. By Tunomukwathi Asino
2013-12-20 11:36:00 4 years ago
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