• January 23rd, 2019
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Maria hosts fashion show in Rundu

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

WINDHOEK-Namibian fashion designer, Maria Caley, is hosting a fashion show in the Kavango Regional Council Hall in Rundu tomorrow night.   Maria says the fashion show is part of her course work for her Masters Degree in fashion designing, which she is currently pursuing through the Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. Through her studies Maria has found that there is a possibility of creating a contemporary wearable collection inspired by the Vakavango material culture. Her study is based on the culture of the Kavango people inspiring her into wearable creative work. “For this collection I have been inspired by the clothing material culture of the Vakavango people (North-eastern Namibia). In this collection, I have used natural dyes commonly used for dying palm leaves for the woven baskets, as well as looked at the pottery and woodwork from the Kavango regions to recreate prints for my textiles used. This is how I have created a signature look for the Amakeya Design, which is also my fashion label,” she says.   The show showcases traditional of Okavango attire, highlighting how the attire has evolved over the years with elements of contemporary designs. Maria says the clothes that will be on display will be coloured from natural dyes acquired from different dyestuff traditionally used for dying palm leaves, used for traditional basket weaving in the Kavango region. “Identity is a search or journey that is close to my heart and constantly drives my creativity.  I believe consciously or unconsciously I make imprints of whom I am or where I come from in my creations.” “Consequently I am intrigued by my cultural heritage. Researching and rediscovering Namibian cultures is my passion. I use my discoveries about cultures to recreate fashion that can be identified as being Namibian. My ambition is to bring about change in how we wear, with a cultural teaser,” she says.   She adds that beyond her label Amakeya Design, she strives to make an impact on the community. “For this collection local crafters were involved to be part of the creating process. In this collection trace of local traditional craftsmanship is visible. Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame, I hope with this collection I am able to pass on the fire,” boasts Maria.   Entrance to the fashion show is N$ 30, which is payable at the entrance and the starts at eight O’clock (20H00).   By Pinehas Nakaziko
New Era Reporter
2013-12-20 12:47:05 5 years ago

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