• January 20th, 2019
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Tswazis launch second album

Art Life, Archived
Art Life, Archived

  WINDHOEK-The trio of Eldazz, Ou-zitt and Raxa, who go by the stage name of Tswazis are launching their second studio album titled Full-Force tonight at Club-Foundation in Soweto. Despite being new to the music scene, the Tswazis seem to have an impressive talent  blending their catchy and infectious Ma/gaisa, Afro Pop and Sungura Rhythms with topical issues bordering on love, domestic and social issues. The renowned multi-genres music group are now back to their usual ways with a matrix-loaded 15-track album which was released at the end of last month. Famed for their first album offering, Step by Step, which saw them releasing a string of other hit singles along the way, the group has never looked back. If you have listened to their music before, then you know what this group is capable of, and it is not a fluke that they now boast with their hit and most demanded album to their name. One of the members, Eldazz,  says they have titled their album Full-Force because they wanted to show how grown up they are and how they are still doing it in full force. “Tswazis are not faint-hearted, we love what we do and enjoy it very much. Many thought we would come and go and break up since we received many criticisms at the beginning but we still managed to prove them wrong once again with this massive offering,’ he says. Eldazz adds that the album is all about fun, love and dancing with a strong message on it.  Songs such as No Worries are ruling and toping charts on  local radio stations. Digaga, U Know featuring Dixon, Down featuring Adora are having a great impression on fans. Mr Makoya, Dice, Lil-D, Mr Green, Jaliza, Ronnie, Bones and Extreme Family will be performing with DJ Penda  warming the night. Tickets are N$ 40 each and N$ 140 with a CD. By Pinehas Nakaziko  
New Era Reporter
2013-12-20 12:43:24 5 years ago

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