• April 24th, 2019
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Another school defies ministry

National, Otjozondjupa
National, Otjozondjupa

GROOTFONTEIN – Despite a ministerial directive that government will provide free stationery some schools in the Otjozondjupa Region want learners to provide their own A4 paper. This is despite the recent dismissal of the board chairperson and acting principal of Suiderhof Primary School in Windhoek by the Education Minister Dr David Namwandi. Learners of Grootfontein Secondary School (GSS) are being compelled to supply the school with reams of A4 paper before they can receive school results and testimonials. “Every learner is expected to give 3 reams of paper each semester and this applies to everyone at the school. They tell us that the paper is for photocopying needs and notes, but we do not get all that many notes because the machine is always [broken],” said a learner who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals. According to learners the reports of Grade 9 learners at the school are being withheld from them, unless they supply the paper. “What are they doing with our school fees and the money given to them every financial year?” asked a frustrated learner adding, “you won’t get your school report and if you are in Grade 10 or 12 they withhold your certificate until you give them the reams of paper.” Learners say this is unfair, because some parents are already struggling to pay school fees and cannot afford to buy A4 papers as well. “We are being bullied into buying paper because our children’s future hangs in the balance. We want what is best for our children, but other schools in the area such as Fredrick Awaseb are content as long as you pay school fees,” said a parent who declined to be identified.   By John Travolter Matali  
New Era Reporter
2014-01-24 12:43:02 5 years ago

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