• March 22nd, 2019
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Glass factory planned for Tses


TSES – De-bushing for the construction of the proposed Tses Glass Factory in the //Karas Region is scheduled to start this month, according to the Managing Director of Tses Glass, Simon Kapenda. Kapenda confirmed that regular meetings are being held with the Tses Village Council to discuss progress in respect of the glass factory planned for Tses. According to the chairperson of the Tses Village Councile Brian /Gaoseb, another meeting is scheduled for next week with the management of Tses Glass to discuss the debushing, clearing and levelling of the land where the factory is to be constructed. He indicated that construction of the factory will begin in June this year and pointed out that it is a very slow project, which has already dispirited members of the community who are hungry for development in the region. Kapenda was however reluctant to divulge more information on when the project will get off the ground, saying only that projects of such magnitude take up to ten years to implement. He explained that Tses Glass was only registered in February 2013, which slowed down progress considerably. According to a press release issued on the Groot Group website in September last year, the development of Tses Glass is expected to create thousands of new direct and indirect, well paying jobs in Tses and throughout Namibia, which is in line with the realization of Namibia’s Vision 2030.   By Jemima Beukes
New Era Reporter
2014-02-04 09:20:50 5 years ago

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