• September 19th, 2018
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Youths appeal for harsher punishment

WINDHOEK- With an increasing number of killings of women and children that Namibian has been experiencing   Youth Corner’s  Sabina Elago talks to the youths on their views about the causes of this phenomenon and what they think the solution may be. Siteketa Emilie (30) Security Guide: “There are so many things that are causing this passion killings and most of them we do not know them, but alcohol is one of them. And the fact that people are being killed but the government is not doing anything it is like killers do not care anymore they are just killing because nothing will be done to them. The government really need to come up with some harsh punishment for this people maybe then they will stop.” Jaco Mouton (20), Teller at Nampost: “Jealousy is the main cause of this killing and people that grow up in violence environment are now taking it further. The solution to this can only be bringing back religion education in schools and if death penalty is brought back.” Collin Engelbrecht (28) Police Officer: “Guys that are killing are those one that want to control women and because they believe they own them and do not want to let them go on with their lives. The only solution to this will be if the governments introduce a very high punishment for those who are killing.” Kautinn Van Wyk(16) learner: “This is caused by relationship failure. Guys do not want to accept it is over because they want to be controlling. Those that kill need to see the psychologist so they identify the problem and find a solution to it.” Robert Hangula(23) HR practitioner: “I really think there is more to this killing as I no more believe in the material reason they keep giving,  and obsession and jealousy are part of it. We cannot find the solution because this people that are killing are not giving us reason. But we really need education awareness on this because guys really  lack self esteem.” Albertina  Nyau (22) Student: “Guys are trying to buy love as they are giving their girlfriend material things and expect them to stay even when they do not want any more.  This need to stop as it is the main cause of passion killing.  The solution is hard to find as we are not really sure why guys are doing that, so guys really need to see that there is a life after a girl leave you.” Abrain Majiest (36) works for Alumin Fitters: “Alcohol and drugs abuse are the main cause of this killing and cheating being the second. I cannot think of any solution because the cause of this is all over maybe if the government comes up with a law that burn alcohol in the country than we can find the solution??????????????.”
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