• October 23rd, 2018
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Rape statistics for Oshikoto Region disgust Katjiua

OMUTHIYA - Police Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua has expressed disappointment in the high number of rapes in Oshikoto Region, which she said is “embarrassing”. Katjiua, who is the coordinator for the Oshikoto Region, revealed that at least five rapes occur in the region every month. The deputy commissioner said this in the wake of two rapes that took place late last month. One involved a 39-year-old woman who was assaulted by a 51-year-old man using his fists and a tree branch, and then kicked all over the body by her attacker who was also wielding a knife.  She was forced into her room where he allegedly had sex with her without her consent. “This man was so determined and driven that even after assaulting the victim very violently he still had enough energy to rape her,” said Katjiua. The second rape involved a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually violated by her stepfather who is also aged 51. The teenager was defiled at Nambango village in Okatope constituency. It is alleged the victim’s mother had been caring for the suspect’s biological child who was hospitalised for a week and had left her own child in the care of her stepfather.  The suspect used the opportunity to rape the 13- year-old in his room but police arrested him shortly after the rape. The deputy commissioner urged rapists to stop such acts because the consequences of their actions have long-term detrimental effects on the society. “Rape especially one involving a minor is a crime against the victim’s innocence, family, community and the nation at large because it scars the victim for life.  We have a 100 percent success rate on rapists, they will always, always land behind bars every single time. “These men feel it is their duty to rape and are more sorry that they got caught than anything else. Bear in mind these are adult men most of whom have families of their own,” Katjiua said in disgust. In an unrelated issue police in Oshikoto are requesting members of the public to assist them in apprehending a culpable homicide suspect after a 22-year-old male was run over by an unknown vehicle. The deceased was found by a passer-by around 23h35 at Okapuku village close to Omuthiya. Police could not release his name as his next of kin had not yet been informed.      By John Travolter Matali
2014-04-04 08:40:32 4 years ago
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