• November 14th, 2018
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Nuuyoma tongue-lashes govt critics

Politics, Otjozondjupa
Politics, Otjozondjupa

By John Travolter Matali

OTJIWARONGO - Otjozondjupa Regional Governor Samuel Nuuyoma has slammed government critics who focus only on the negative.

He described such critics as  “self-made blinds”.

The regional governor also called for more respect from Namibian people for their leaders as well as Namibian made products.

“Respect our leaders and products made at local places such as industrial parks, let us respect the work we do with our own hands and not only foreign products,” he said.

“These are people who only criticise the government without looking at the positives the government has done or is doing,” Nuuyoma said during his recent visit to Grootfontein district.

The regional governor urged Namibians to place more faith in products that are made in Namibia.

Nuuyoma spoke in no uncertain terms that his statement was not a request for Namibians not to buy foreign or imported products but rather a suggestion that local products not be overlooked.

He stated that with enough support local businesses would in future flourish and help build the economy of Namibia as a whole.

“I am not saying we should not buy foreign products but we should also buy our own locally made products. Let us support our local tenants, these enterprises need our support. Everything is in our own hands – by supporting our fellow Namibians who are doing their best they will in future build more for us in terms of hotels, shops, malls and even industrial parks,” added Nuuyoma.

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