• September 26th, 2018
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Rangeland Forum kicks off

WINDHOEK – Intense debating about the importance of farming is on the cards for the 18thNamibian Rangeland Forum 2014, with the theme: Towards whole farm management aimed at sustainably high profit.

The Forum takes place from today until September 11 at the West Nest Lodge, east of Witvlei in the Omaheke Region. Some of the foremost local and visiting experts from South Africa will deliver presentations during the three day event and three farms in the area will be visited to gain first-hand knowledge about the whole process of farm management. The programme for the three-day event is as follows:

Tuesday, 09 September: 

14H00: Tour of Georg Friedrich’s farm, Gottesgabe, north of Witvlei.

Wednesday, 10 September:

08h00: Peter Erb (on his behalf): SASSCAL‘s programme for land management; 08h15: Bertus Kruger: EU funded: Early warning system for rangeland production; 08h30: NAU: EU funded: Coordination unit for the national rangeland policy and strategy (NRMPS); 08h45: Colin Nott: EU funded: Regional Co-operatives in 7 NCA regions - full chain of production; 09h00: Garbriel Hipandulwa & Kahepako Kakujaha: EU funded: Climate change adaptation by San; 09h15: Axel Rothauge: EU funded: Combating desertification in the arid north western Namibia; 09h30: Axel Rothauge: Structural changes to increase livestock productivity in the NCAs; 10h30: Peter Zensi: Experiences of the Karstveld Study Group; 11h00: Robyn Cadzou: Keeping rainwater on farms; 11h30: Hannes Jacobs: Intensive fodder production on key sections of rangeland; 12h00: Rod Davis: Incorporation of CA agronomy into rangeland management; 12h30: Johan Bruwer: Park land management; 13h00; 14h00: Riaan Dames: Successful implementation of the CFFGM Strategy in southern Africa; 14h30: Georg Friedrich: Management at Gottesgabe farm; 15h00: Richard Kamukuenjandje: Management at Hessen resettlement farm; 16h00: Judith Isele: Management at Springbockvley farm; 16h30: AGM to arrange next NRF, and closure of indoor deliberations; 19h30: Dinner Field visits and wrap up. 07h00: 07h30.

Thursday, 11 September: Tour Richard Kamukuenjandje’s farm, Hessen, south of Witvlei;10h00: Drive to Judith Isele’s farm, Springbockvley;13h00: Tour of Judith’s farm; 15h00: Wrap up discussions.

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