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Mentor, entertainer and radio presenter

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK-One of the Namibia’s acclaimed radio presenter, Lazarus ‘Leizy’ Nainda, at Energy 100 FM Radio for the past 15 years as a radio presenter, shares some of his moments of excitement, surprises, shocks and delights in being a radio presenter with New Era Time Out. Time Out: Leizy, tell us more about yourself? Leizy: My real name is Lazarus Nainda and they call me Leizy. I was born and bred in the dusty town of Oshakati in 1974. I was raised by my parents in the fearing God house. I started my primary education at Ompundja Primary School and moved to Oshakati Combined School, now known as Ngolo Combined School in Oshakati, Oshana region. I attended my secondary school at Iipumbu Senior Secondary School where I finished my Grade 12 in 1994. Time Out: When did you become a radio presenter and what led you to a career in radio? Leizy: I became a radio presenter almost 15 years ago. Hmm I can’t really say what led me to a media career because growing up I always dreamt of becoming an engineer. But let me say what led me to become a radio presenter is a love of sports. I used to be inspired by Mr. Ileni Shilongo (former Mandume Primary School principal) and one man known as Mr Nashipili. They were among the sports commentators especially for soccer. Time Out: How would you describe your first radio gig? Leizy: Eish, the beginning is always tough and you always have to make a mistake on your first day. But people say you always learn from your mistakes. I can’t remember exactly my first radio gig but I remember that I made a silly blunder on air. Time Out: What was your favourite interview and when? Leizy: I have couple of favourite interviews but I can’t remember exactly when any more. Remember that most of the celebrities always believed in radio and you will meet them almost every day. Time Out: What is the 'worst' and 'best' part of radio work?  Leizy: The worst of a radio work is when you are on air. You are in front of millions of people and you have to be careful of what you will say and you have to follow the Code of Ethic otherwise you will be sued every. The best of radio work is that you have a power to control the whole world in your hand. When you are on air, you are informing and educating the people. And people always believe in you as a radio presenter. Time Out: Can you share with me the worst and funniest things that happens 'on air' everyday?  Leizy: Nowadays most of the radio presenters, if not all, are well trained, therefore you won’t really find worst things happening on air every day. You have to be professional otherwise your bread will fall out of your mouth.  Time Out: How’s radio now compared to when you started and how has it affected your life? Leizy: Radio nowadays is at high level compared to 15 years ago. Nowadays radios are digitalised and presenters are using modern computers, comparing to that time when most of the studio equipment were manual. Time Out: What makes a good presenter? To be a good radio presenter, you have to know and be comfortable about what you are saying on air. Always imagine you are talking to one listener or even to own friend. I normally heard lots would – be presenters and most don’t have the ability to communicate through a microphone. Always be different, try not to copy other radio presenters, and try to be different from the rest and have your own identity as this will be a bonus when people in the industry are on the lookout for qualitative and good radio presenters. If you want to become a long- standing and good presenter, you need to look after your voice and always make sure to pronounce with immense clarity. A good radio presenter is a presenter who listens to different types of radio shows, including national, commercial and internet shows and see how other shows are prepared so that you can then make your show sound more professional. Time Out: What is the best thing being a radio presenter? Leizy: The best thing to be a radio presenter is that every day you are making and meeting new friends. People are contacting you looking for advises. You always feel very proud when your audience are dying to meet you or when they ask you for your autograph. Time Out: What advice would you give to people who would love to work in this particular field? Leizy: My advice, especial to those students currently studying Media or Radio Broadcasting is that it is not a hobby any more but a career that you can follow. If you want to be a good presenter you need at least to study radio techniques or journalism. Be dedicated, hard working and be able to work under stressful situations. Put your head down and work hard. Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for through hard graft and not giving up. Sort yourself out, protect yourself and ensure your own survival – if you don’t, you can achieve nothing. However, selfishness is empty, so ensure that you make a positive difference to others, and do it now.  
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