• May 19th, 2019
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Renovated Aus clinic now open

Special Focus
Special Focus

AUS - The Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Richard Kamwi opened the newly renovated clinic at Aus, which now offers voluntary counselling and testing for HIV along with improved healthcare service. The clinic was renovated with funding of N$160 000 from the Anglo American Namibia Foundation at Aus settlement in the !Nami#nus Constituency in the //Karas Region. Aus Primary Health Care Clinic is located in the district of Lüderitz about 120km north of the harbour town. The clinic is government owned and serves a catchment population of about 1 600 people. Apart from support staff, the clinic has been running with only one nurse, who recently successfully completed a bridging course in nursing and is now a qualified registered nurse. She assumed her duties at the clinic in Aus that she left four years ago to enhance her skills. During the official opening Kamwi thanked the collective efforts of the public and private partnership, which is in line with the health ministry’s strategic plan for 2013 - 2017. The Aus clinic was established with the aim to fulfill the mandate of the health ministry to provide accessible and affordable quality services, but it is also in the interest of Anglo American to be surrounded by health facilities that provide high quality services as the organization’s workforce is drawn from these communities. He applauded the Anglo American Namibia Foundation for its contributions to the health sector at Aus. Kamwi says the contribution of N$160 000 from the Anglo American Namibia Foundation made it possible to renovate the clinic which in turn will result in the delivery of quality health service. The work done by the clinic will achieve improved, confidentiality of HIV testing and counselling services through partitioning, installation of ablution facilities and the provision of working space and furniture, and stabilized health services provision of accommodation, privacy and space. There is a need for transport at the clinic and he said if the clinic does not get transport by 2015, it would be due to a lack of financial resources. Kamwi stressed that the Tobacco Act signed into law by Pesident Hifikepunye Pohamba entails all people that are found smoking in public could be brought to task and he emphasized the law must be enforced. Kamwi also acknowledged there is a shortage of nurses in the country including at Aus clinic, and he encouraged residents of Aus especially the youth to take up nursing to fill vacancies. He shed light on the special programme which the ministry of health introduced to send students outside the country in order to address the shortages of nurses in the country. Kamwi implored Aus residents to make good use of the clinic and to ensure the community collectively guards against vandalism and damage to the clinic. Ophelia Netta the Anglo American Namibia Foundation representative stated that they recognize the fact that investing in healthcare in communities provides a critical lifeline to society. Currently the foundation is in the initial stage of investigating the proposal for HIV awareness, screening and treatment of cervical cancer units in the //Karas Region through the NGO called Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon in partnership with the health ministry. “Following on from these notable successes we are proud to partner with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, an initiative which will result in numerous people having better access to fundamental health services that are instrumental to their personal development and well-being,” Netta said.
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