• May 19th, 2019
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Chinese firms accused of bribery

WINDHOEK - Republican Party (RP) president, Henk Mudge has urged Namibians to open their eyes and take note that the ruling Swapo party has been lying to the electorate when it comes to developmental matters since independence. Mudge accused some unnamed ministers, deputy ministers and permanent secretaries of being bribed by Chinese so that they receive tenders. “Look at almost every government contracts, I refer you to especially all the office blocks that were built for most of the ministries by the Chinese. Why do you think these contracts are being awarded to the Chinese? Simply because they are paying government officials and maybe even ministers, deputy ministers and PS’s under the table – blatant corruption,” he said. Mudge was speaking at the RP’s star rally in Otjomuise’s Agste Laan settlement on Tuesday afternoon and urged prospective voters to give Swapo the boot by voting alternatively for RP. “For 24 years you have believed Swapo when they made all those promises to you and it should now be evident they have been lying to you all the time and that they have no intention of honouring their promises,” charged the minority politician. According to Mudge, Swapo never intended to improve the quality of lives for the grassroots. “All Swapo wanted to achieve was for you to vote for them so that they can be in power and then for them to be corrupt and through corruption enrich themselves personally,” thundered Mudge. Swapo has basically nationalised Namibia and is acting as if the country is their personal belonging, Mudge further said at the RP rally. “You must choose a party who does not have a hidden agenda like Swapo. You must vote for a party that will not lie to you and who will not make promises that they cannot deliver. You must vote for a party who has a proven track record for standing up for those at the grass-roots level and there is only one party that has continuously done that and that party is the Republican Party of Namibia,” he said. “The majority of the people of Namibia have serious problems because of poverty and unemployment, the lack of proper housing, the shocking state of affairs of our health services and the inferior education system that this Swapo government has brought upon you. But ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately you cannot blame anybody else for the situation you find yourself in. You are in this situation because you voted for Swapo and you put them in power,” said Mudge.
New Era Reporter
2014-11-06 10:53:16 4 years ago

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