• April 19th, 2019
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Amupanda initiates land grab


WINDHOEK - Unconfirmed reports on Sunday said Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) spokesperson Job Amupanda initiated a land grab in Kleine Kuppe, an upmarket suburb in Windhoek. The online edition of Namibian Sun on Sunday posted a story “Job grabs Kleine Kuppe land” in what he was quoted as having described as “affirmative repositioning”. The news story shows Amupanda squatting on the occupied piece of land with a poster with the message “Affirmative repositioning ERF 2014.” Though several attempts to reach the SPYL secretary for information and publicity were in vain as both his mobile numbers were switched off Joshua Amukugo the spokesman of the Windhoek Municipality said he heard about the land grab. Amupanda was quoted as having said “rent in Windhoek is too expensive” and his application for land was ensnared in municipal bureaucracy. This was confirmed by Amukugo who said he heard the rumour that there is land grabbing in Kleine Kuppe but could not really furnish details on how big the land is or how many people were occupying the land. “I am in the process of going there to confirm if what I heard is true but for now to me it is just a mere rumour,” said Amukugo. When asked what was likely to be done if the land grab was confirmed he said all the legal processes would be followed and the people occupying the land would be removed by force. However Superintendent Gerry Shikesho of the City Police denied knowing anything about the land grab involving the SPYL. This incident follows last week’s media reports on the Windhoek Municipality demolishing seven illegal shacks in the Otjomuise area and of Windhoek Mayor Agnes Kafula being accused of allocating land worth N$8 million for N$5 million to a company owned by her son David Kafula. She was also accused of allocating a plot to 2013 Big Brother winner Dillish Mathews. Meanwhile, SPYL Secretary Dr Elijah Ngurare says the land hunger needs proper handling. “I am receiving calls about some young Namibians who have cleared, with the view to occupy, a piece of land in Kleine Kuppe suburb of Windhoek today,” said Ngurare. “According to media reports, they have decided on this route because of high rental prices and land in the local authority of Windhoek. This issue is well known to us and to government,” noted Ngurare. The SPYL will follow the Swapo Party position on urban land ownership as explained by the Secretary General (Nangolo Mbumba) and Vice-President (Dr Hage Geingob) respectively, he said. “Therefore, our message to the landless young people of Namibia, in general, is this: exercise further patience, the Swapo Party leadership is fully aware of our (SPYL) position on land as made clear through established structures of the Swapo Party and government,” he said. “We appeal to all Namibian youth never to take the law into their own hands, no matter the circumstances,” Ngurare implored the youth. In a related development last Friday Swanu of Namibia President Usutuaije Maamberua said Kafula’s attitude towards the land issue was very dangerous and she should be charged with corruption and removed from Swapo. Maamberua strongly condemned the Windhoek City Council for allocating land to those that are politically aligned and well connected. He noted that during the colonial times those who had power and connections received huge pieces of land and “this is what transpired during this land saga.” He accused the Windhoek City Council of perpetuating South African colonial policies. He described it as “totally unacceptable” and a violation of people’s rights that illegal shacks were demolished last week in Otjomuise in which seven families were left homeless. “I as president of Swanu, I command the city councillors to apologise to the victims and return the confiscated materials and allow them to build and be given erven as compensation,” he said. Maamberua further said that next year his party intends to hold discussions with the new government regarding the land issue. “We decided to engage land discussion issues next year because now we are approaching election time and would rather wait for next year and discuss then with the new government,” he stated.
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