• April 25th, 2019
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House Guru Gang launches debut album

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK-Three music producers and Djs of Nasho Beats, Dj Chahelman and Jowdy, who blend with the stage name of House Guru Gang, are launching their 14-track House debut album titled Born to be Stars tomorrow at Navara Lounge. The group came together after realising their common interest in music last year.  Nasho Beats came from Cool Aid Music Production with whom the House Guru Gang is currently signed. Dj Chahelman is a former producer at Starlite Entertainment, and Jowdy, a former producer at Supreme Records and Entertainment. “After this whole time of being individual in the music industry as individual producers, we got together and decided to compose an album together that can rise up our talents,” says Jowdy. He calls people to come and experience the best of Namibian House music. Mushe, Mr Simple, 4x4, Linda, Omsaane Niihana and many other artists will be featuring. “This is going to be one of a kind and a very big CD launch as we have many surprises,” incites Jowdy.  Doors opens at seven O’clock in the evening (19h00).  Tickets four couples are N$70, a single lady ticket is N$40 and a single gent ticket is N$ 50. By Pinehas Nakaziko
New Era Reporter
2014-12-05 09:43:50 4 years ago

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