• November 19th, 2018
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Cillio turns passion into business

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

 By Selma Neshiko  WINDHOEK- Should have and could have studied harder. These were the only words the 27 -year -old Johannes Naftali, AKA Cillio could utter when he saw his Grade 10 results eleven years ago feeling his dreams shattering. Hailing  all the way from the southwest part of the country, Cillio, like any other teenager, did not take the results in tranquil but  blamed himself and wished he could have done better.  “I thought to myself, I was to blame, I was young and wild. All I wanted to do was to be on stage and have fun. I felt I disappointed my mum and therefore I regret some of the decisions I made then and I’ve learnt so much from those mistakes,” says Cillio. When he failed Grade 10, he went job hunting with hopes of getting something to sustain himself and his family, since he lived with his four siblings in a small family home with his mother the only bread winner. “Things weren’t always silver and gold, my mom being a single parent and underpaid, her hustle was doubled, me and my siblings always made a plan to assist where we could by getting holiday jobs. My mom was always the heroine who saved the day,” he says. After searching for a job for some time, Cillio worked at various businesses as a stock controller, panel beater and a barman. “The hustle was hard but I had to do it. I needed to do something to help myself and my family at home while I figure out what to do next,” says Cillio. While working during his hiatus five years from school, Cillio, wanted to rewrite his Grade 10 through Namibian College of Opening Learning ( Namcol) and decided to move to Windhoek. When he was admitted to Namcol, with dedication he passed his Grade 10 and went on to complete Grade 12. “The first year I had assistance from an uncle of mine but my second and third since it was my first time doing Grade 12, I did three subjects a year and had to pay out of my own pocket, I got a day job to finance my studies,” he says. Cillio got a part time job as a DJ, for which he is currently freelancing. “I love music and I felt I could put my talent to work. I was motivated by the struggle and I love to entertain, so I thought of my own business idea of being a DJ and being an artist to make an income,” says Cillio. “It’s wise to never give up on education and at the same time if you got talent, it’s up to you to find ways to turn it into a something productive and worthy. We are only limited by our own state of mind to do great, turn to God for guidance, he always make way. Go out there and start working on your ideas,” he encourages. When on the decks, Cillio goes by the name of ‘DJ Lekke Goete’ and charges as little as N$1500 (with sound system), N$750 (if you have your own sound system),N$1000(school events with sound system) and N$500 (if the school has its own system), with prices varying according to the time his services and equipment are hired. He has djd for various artists such as Jericho, S-man, M-jay, Satlam, Kuku Kandanga and  Benjex. He also worked as an in house Dj at several places including Apz Bar and at Tripple Seven Studio as an assistant. Cillio can be reached on 0816811161. Not wanting to settle down, Cillio hopes to pursue a career in sound engineering and marketing in the future when he make enough money with his business.  
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