• September 22nd, 2018
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Con artists on the prowl

By Tunomukwathi Asino WINDHOEK – The Namibian Police, through the Khomas Regional Community Affairs, has warned the business community to beware of people calling businesses around Windhoek to go to a lodge called “Rus Rus” close to Heja Lodge. Before getting there, they are asked to pick up something (a worthless package) from someone else and cover the cost until they get to the site. However, when people get to the site (lodge) they discover that there is no such place. “Three businesses have been victim to these people this week alone (that we know of). So, please spread the word, as these people are stealing hard-earned money,” the police said. The City Police has also previously warned members of the public to be careful, as there are conmen pretending to work for members of the cabinet, with the aim to swindle members of the public out of their hard-earned cash. A member of the public recently received a call from someone pretending to be a special advisor to the Prime Minister. He claimed his vehicle was stuck and needed someone to e-wallet some money. Senior Superintendent from the City Police, Gerry Shikesho, urged members of the public to verify the identities of the callers before sending any money. Shikesho further said that during this time of the year, when parents are looking for places for their children, conmen swindle parents by coming with forged forms, which they give to parents to sign, claiming that they will find placements for them in schools, he informed New Era last week. New Era previously reported of a Windhoek female resident, who was swindled out of N$700 while mourning the death of her brother. The man informed the woman that his father would donate five goats to help with the funeral, but his vehicle did not have fuel and asked the woman to send him N$700 to fetch the goats. He further informed the woman that he would send his brother to deliver the goats. It was agreed that the money would be sent via e-wallet since the banks were full. The funeral came and went and there was no sign of the goats.
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