• November 18th, 2018
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BMW 320 M: only 6 in Namibia and Sam has one


By Felix Tjozongoro WINDHOEK – Sam Belete is a car lover and he bought his wife Ruba Belete a state-of-the-art machine. In fact he bought one of the six BMW 320 M-performance mean machines to roam Namibian’s roads. “I am a car lover ever since I was in high school and later on at university in Canada. I use to buy cars and fix them and sell them for better money. As a student, I needed the extra cash and with the new found hobby, the knowledge and love for cars grew over time,” explained Belete. “SAM 103-NA” is his personalized number plate on his other car. It represent his 103rd car, even since he started his hobby. As for the special and powerful BMW baby, Sam recently bought the 2014 model, and now Sam and Ruba love all the attention they get as people stare at them at traffic lights. Furthermore, Sam explained that it is important to be seen and for people to take you serious. “Our cars make statements. They describe who we are and what we do. It's an investment worth every penny, as it draws so much attention. Everywhere we go, people look. The car looks totally different and very much appealing, especially for the younger generation that understands vehicle performance. We are real estate people and when we go out there to show our clients houses, the car helps us to sell. When our clients sees the BMW M-perfomance beauty, they know that we mean business.” Their BMW is a workhorse during the week and a toy during the weekend. During the week it does the basics of going to work and back and normal chores such as shopping and the likes. However, as the weekend draws closer, everything changes as the toy is taken out of the garage to cruise the open roads. The speed handling, and more specifically the performance pack in the machine, is then put to work. During the week, Ruba drives it while Sam drives his Mercedes Benz E-class. However when its weekend, the Mercedes Benz is parked and Sam moves behind the steering wheel. This is the moment to unleash the beast and enjoy the extra power from the Beemer. This is not just another BMW 320 vehicle. Not at all. It's in fact one of the few 320’s made by BMW. BMW South Africa had it on their website that there are only 500 of these units produced in southern Africa. When Woema spoke to BMW Namibia, they informed this newspaper that there are only six of these vehicles on Namibian roads, making Sam one of the outstanding few to own it. BMW South Africa provided the following information about the BMW M-performance 320 special vehicles: “The BMW 3 Series pushes the boundaries of innovation and performance to deliver an unrivalled driving experience. With athletic proportions and sporting ability, it is equipped with a range of innovative BMW technologies, including BMW TwinPower Turbo engine technology, which delivers a unique combination of outstanding power and superb efficiency, clearly confirming the BMW 3 Series Sedan as the class leader in its segment. The limited BMW 3 Series M Performance Edition underlines the sporty character of the BMW 3 Series Sedan and comprises of the M Sport package, 19” M Star-spoke wheels (20” wheels are available as an additional option), M Sport brakes with blue coloured brake callipers with “M” badge, M Performance aerodynamic package (front and rear), M Performance side sills with foil, M Performance carbon rear spoiler, M Performance carbon wing mirror caps and M Performance front grille in black. Various exterior colours are available including the two special edition exterior paint colours, Valencia Orange and Laguna Seca Blue, which are only available as a unique option in conjunction with the BMW 3 Series M Performance Edition. Only 500 of these exhilarating models are available for the fortunate few. And with this dynamic exterior package, at only an additional R50 000 on your purchase price, they're guaranteed to go fast”. “This is truly a collectors item, as there are only 6 of us in Namibia driving them. Who would not be happy with such an investment, when you know that you are distinguished from the pack. In fact you stand out from the crowd”, concluded Sam with a happy smile.  
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