• November 19th, 2018
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Road Traffic Laws Column: Speed jammers fine


By Felix Tjozongoro WINDHOEK – The principle of radar jamming is simple once you understand the basic operation of traffic police radar guns. In the most simplistic terms, radar guns emit bursts of electromagnetic radiation at a set frequency. The signals bounce off of a target vehicle, returning to the gun. The computer in the gun measures the differential between the reflected waves to calculate vehicle speed. Jamming a radar gun requires transmitting a signal that overpowers the one fired by the police traffic officer. Jammers are often triggered into action by radar detectors. Your mother may have told you, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." You'd be right to heed her warning in this situation. Namibian road traffic law does not allow vehicle owners to install such devices in their vehicles and to jam the cameras of traffic officers. If you are found using such, you are liable to a fine of N$4 000. The two potential offences you could be found guilty of include:     Operating a motor vehicle which is fitted or affixed any device that interferes or detect the use of a speed monitoring or measuring device; and having in your possession whilst travelling in a motor vehicle any device that interferes or detects the use of a speed monitoring or measuring device  
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2015-02-05 10:04:49 3 years ago

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