• November 20th, 2018
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Illegal practices at NaTIS

NaTIS as an association has seen thousands of people criticizing it for the past decade or so and till today no adjustments have been made to enhance its operations. We the people who really need to go through the processes in order to move forward with our lives have been suffering due to the practices and employees there (starting from the security guards to the top officials).We will revisit this topic shortly. I’m writing this as an aggrieved citizen that has just come to the understanding that NaTIS in Windhoek is the most difficult place to pass a driver’s licence test. This is not because the test is challenging, but due to the fact that the officers are failing people on purpose hoping to be bribed or to make students come try again, forcing them to pay more money. There have been innumerable claims of this practice and I have taken the time to walk around asking people how they were treated at the hands of NaTIS – the answers left me bewildered. People have been failed for unjust reasons, one that stunned me was, ‘the officer failed me because my older sister rejected his proposal to date her.’ These petty reasons make me sad for people who really need their licences to find a good job, etc. Unfortunately it gets worse; the people we entrust to teach us how to drive and accompany us to the different NaTIS testing centres are not entirely free of sin. Certain trusted driving schools (listed in our learners licence books) and corrupt NaTIS officers have colluded, swindling people of their hard earned money. I was made aware of a driving school which was charging its students ridiculous amounts of money to accompany them to certain towns, promising them “confidently” that they will pass the  driver’s test, knowing that they are going to use some of that money to bribe the officers there (which is another topic I will be exploring soon). I can only pray that change will be made and people don’t have to be mistreated because of other people’s greed. I will do all I can and dig deeper into this matter and expose these individuals one by one. Anonymous Windhoek
New Era Reporter
2015-02-06 09:08:41 3 years ago

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