• November 15th, 2018
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First PTA tennis tournament a great success

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Sport, Sports

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - The popular PTA tennis series got off to a successful new season at the Windhoek High School (WHS) tennis courts in the capital last Saturday. In the Intermediate category, the newcomer Melissa Khupe was the standut player of the day. She put up some great performances to edge past the highly experienced like Cleet Farmer, who had to settle for second place. Taimi Nashiku came in third. Meanwhile, Mike Kambonde came out guns blazing in the Beginner’s division to take home victory. The talented youngster from Windhoek secured the third overall place in this division during last year’s edition and it seems that that was just a first glimpse of what he is capable of. The second place went to Megano Sheeya. Hendrina Appollus, who together with Sheeya got her first taste of the Beginner’s division after stepping up from the Midi division, came in third. The first place in the Mini category went to Eila Kambonde. She edged past Jamilla Hungamo und Jozikee Tjaimba who had to settle for second and third respectively. At this tournament, all participants collected points for the PTA tennis ranking once again. Throughout the series, players accumulate ranking points on a 12-month rolling basis with great prizes for the overall winners of the various playing categories up for grabs at the end of the year. Results Overview Mini Category: 1. Eila Kamonde 2. Jamilla Hungamo 3. Jozikee Tjaimba Beginner’s Category: 1. Mike Kambonde 2. Megano Sheeya 3. Hendrina Apollus 4. Tjombe Kauta 5. Tulimo Mathias Intermediate Category 1. Melissa Khupe 2. Cleet Farmer 3. Taimi Nashiku 4. Immanuel Bras
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2015-02-11 09:11:09 3 years ago

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