• November 20th, 2018
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Cops arrested for theft granted bail

By Eveline de Klerk WALVIS BAY - Two police officers, Jafet Haimbodi (30) and Lukas Andreasb (36), charged with theft of N$236 000 from a robbery suspect, have been granted bail of N$20 000 each. The two are charged with theft by false pretence, contravening the Anti-Corruption Act, which deals with the corrupt use of office or position for personal gratification and defeating the course of justice. They were granted bail on Monday when they made their second appearance in court after spending over a week behind bars for not reporting or turning in N$236 000 they seized from a robbery suspect two weeks ago. Lukas and Haimbodi, who were stationed at the Walvis Bay Criminal Investigation Unit, allegedly took the cash from a suspect that was involved in the robbery of a Chinese national in Oshikango between January 9 and 11 this year. During their arrest, Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu of the Namibian Police Force in the Erongo Region, said the duo apparently obtained information about the suspect and his brother, who fled to Swakopmund after carrying out the robbery in Oshikango and went to demand the cash from the suspect and his brother. According to Iikuyu, the initial robbery was carried out by two suspects, one of whom was a female employee of the Chinese national. She was arrested earlier and N$170 000 was confiscated from her. The other suspect fled to Swakopmund with his brother and the rest of the money, which the two officials confiscated two weeks ago in Swakopmund. “It is not yet clear how the two police officers knew about the whereabouts of the two suspects, but what we gathered so far is that the police officers apparently went to the room of the two suspects in Swakopmund and confiscated the money from the suspects without charging them or reporting the matter,” Iikuyu stated.
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