• November 18th, 2018
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NRU shrinks league teams in pursuit of quality

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Sport, Sports

By Otniel Hembapu WINDHOEK - Following marathon round-table discussions, the Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) leadership has decided to reduce premier league teams from the usual 10 to 8 in an attempt to improve competitiveness and quality to the country’s topflight rugby league. NRU Managing Director, John Williams, revealed the union’s decision to New Era Sport yesterday, saying the two dropped teams are coastal outfit Walvis Bay Rugby Club and Polytechnic Rugby Club. According to Williams, NRU was left with no option but to exclude the two clubs from the new season, which officially kicks off on the 7th of next month and further explained that the two clubs’ omission was necessitated by their constant failure to honour their league fixtures during in the last season due to lack of players. “As a union dealing with the country’s rugby premiership, we thought it will only be best if we exclude the two clubs from the upcoming season so that they can have time to sort out their issues and hopefully return again in a few seasons’ time. Last season they constantly had to withdraw from most of their fixtures because they had difficulties with players and we cannot have such things at premier league level,” said Williams. “They will return to the second league and compete there for the time being, but I’m sure they will have more time to handle their affairs and get their house in order and hopefully return much better and well prepared.”
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2015-02-13 08:04:38 3 years ago

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