• November 15th, 2018
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Valentine’s Day – onus is on the chicas


Magreth Nunuhe HERE we go again; it’s Valentines Day. Hmmm … it’s the day we are all kama supposed to be soo in love, giving each other chocolate munchkins, teddy bears, honey buns, flowers, perfume and kissing in the moonlight. Not a bad thing though, who wouldn’t want to be swept away like in a fairy tale – even if it’s just for that one day? Love is supposed to take you places your heart has never been to and I know many of you know what I am talking about. I can imagine all the lovely gifts that are going to be shared and all the promises of everlasting love and so on … and so on. But that is until a week later … Sarah overhears a conversation in a taxi that was not meant for her ears that Shirley got a bigger gift than her – you mos are always the last one to know. Huuu, I can see all hell break loose … I don’t know who the side-chick is or who the Boss Madam is, mara it’s none of my business. But since some outies have been using “it’s the thought that counts” as an excuse to buy the presents in bulk so that all the kamborotos feel appreciated, loved and satisfied; we will be watching with hawk eyes who is being taken for a ride. The onus has now been put on the chicas to scrutinise all the gifts. As a matter of fact, we have set up a team of experts to determine whether the gift was just an after-thought or whether the dude really went out of his way to express his undying love for her. So, if you are one of those cheap brothers who think that a gift from China Shop would do the trick, you are in for a big surprise. Ai, sorry my Far East community, no pun intended, but truth is truth! Some of you fellas are probably reading this with disdain, thinking, ag another one of them gold-diggers, but nuh, some of you are just plain cheap and should know that we mean business this Valentine’s Day. Even the goodies from the ‘I am selling’ hawkers that you buy on credit and then give the wrong residential address are not acceptable to give to your lady-love. Ladies too. The gift swopping is not a one-way street, unless of course, he is a new admirer who is courting you. Some of you think you walk on ice-cream and don’t have to lift a finger to keep the relationship strong, but remember that the brothers are not that dumb and would realise soon that you are just a bimbo with nothing else on your mind but his moola. But we are quite lucky that the day falls on a Saturday, because we don’t have to see all these kamastige admirers sending you flowers and boxes of chocolate, while we feel ashamed to walk out of the office with nothing but our handbags. But I hope that the ‘once bitten, twice shy’ and the ‘old, bitter and angry’ will also find a way to move on with their lives, while the ‘single and patient’ should just be patient. Love always has a way to find its way back to your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day and let every day of the calendar be one filled with special moments without having to put a bracelet on your boo-boo’s ankle to know their every movement. Sorry Ngo! mnunuhe@gmail.com
New Era Reporter
2015-02-13 08:27:12 3 years ago

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