• November 21st, 2018
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Kambwa rescues Okahao flood victims


ONGWEDIVA - Businessman David Kambwa Sheehama, who was last week blamed for flooding in some areas of Okahao, is hard at work putting up two additional culverts to ease the flow of water. Kambwa, as he is popularly known, said his people are working around the clock to put up two additional culverts to the three that are already in existence at the bridge that has been washed away by water following having rains in parts of the Omusati Region. The culverts are being installed on the bridge between Uukwananghanda and Omuthitu villages in Okahao Constituency. “People should come and see, my people have been busy since the weekend creating an access route as well as putting up culverts,” said Sheehama. Sheehama was last week accused of blocking the water from flowing down southwards, which left several people in the Okahao Constituency flooded. Similarly, some of the villagers whose homes were flooded were forced to relocate to higher land in their mahangu fields. At the time of the accusations, Sheehama argued that he was not blocking the water as alleged, but that he was trying to save the bridge from being swept away by the water and in the process add to the number of culverts. He dismissed the allegations saying that he has always come out to assist the community and as such he put up a bridge with three culverts a few years back at his own expense to assist the community “I didn’t put up the bridge for myself, but for the community when natural disasters such as these strike,” argued Sheehama then. Sheehama told New Era that the claims were to sabotage him, but the truth of the matter is that he always comes out to assist the community. “If this road was not tampered with last week, the cost to maintain was going to be less. But now one is starting from scratch,” said Sheehama. He said that besides the cost, his intention is to rescue the affected victims. He argued that by last weekend he had made provisional strategies for the community, including motorists to cross the water safely. Community members, who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed that Sheehama is indeed working on the bridge and that they are now able to go to town. In addition, Sheehama called on community members to be co-operative, especially when it comes to solving natural disaster matters. The level of water in the area is said to have decreased.
New Era Reporter
2015-02-18 08:30:04 3 years ago

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