• November 16th, 2018
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Seibeb caught up in cycling row

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

WINDHOEK – Namibian cycling is under scrutiny amid accusations that the Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) grounded one of its members without following the correct procedures. At the centre of the storm is leading cyclist Raul Costa Seibeb, who was suspended in absentia at an allegedly improperly constituted disciplinary hearing, while the young cyclist was allegedly also not afforded a platform to contest the charge and prove his innocence. Contrary to the assurance by the NCF Chairman, Mannie Heymans, that the accused was present at the hearing, Seibeb disputes Heymans’ version of events and maintains he was never summoned to appear before a disciplinary committee nor did he receive a charge sheet from the cycling authorities. Approached to comment on this debacle that threatens to compromise and dent the credibility of the federation, Amos Shiyuka, of the National Sports Commission (NSC), says the commission has taken note of the matter and is following unfolding proceedings with an eagle eye. “It’s indeed very sad but if it’s true that the boy was suspended in absentia then we will have a moral obligation to intervene because such an act amounts to gross violation of human rights. There should be a process that must be adhered to at all times,” adds the man known as the Rock of Gibraltar during his playing days with the Civilians. Shiyuka says NSC has instructed the directorate to launch a thorough investigation of the damning allegations. “We will only be in a better position to pronounce ourselves on the issue once the offender presents us with irrefutable, tangible evidence to substantiate the allegations.” Meanwhile, the aggrieved Seibeb has been requested to file an official complaint with the relevant authorities.
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2015-02-18 08:47:04 3 years ago

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