• November 21st, 2018
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Celebrating 12 years of Team Namibia

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

WINDHOEK – A product featuring the Team Namibia logo is today an assurance that the product is wholly made in Namibia or that the value addition on the product was done in Namibia. It has been 12 years since local manufacturers, through the Namibia Manufacturers Association and the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established Team Namibia as a marketing agency with support from six private sector national corporations. Today Team Namibia is ploughing forth in its quest to ensure the retention of value addition, profit, and ensure employment creation and local procurement in the economy. “At Team Namibia we are working everyday to realise our vision which is to make Namibian products and services a part of everyday life,” said Team Namibia’s chief executive officer, Daisry Mathias, at the public forum yesterday. Team Namibia is now in the process of implementing adopted strategies for 2014–2016, with the objective to “gain a sustainable competitive advantage for Namibian goods and services”. Mathias said the redesign and launch of Team Namibia’s new look and seal of endorsement, as well as the introduction of revised membership criteria, has brought about a new patriotic spirit towards Namibian products. “There is a wind sweeping through the country of enthusiasm, an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an intense belief that if a product on the shelf is Namibian, then it is for the better. Twenty-five years into our democracy and the identity and confidence of Namibian consumers and producers alike are being restored,” she said.
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