• November 21st, 2018
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Trust donates sunscreen cream to albinos


WINDHOEK - The Ohorongo Otavi Community (OOCT) together with e.V donated 1 250 tubes of high-quality sunscreen cream to Sinasra, for use by albinism sufferers in Namibia. The handing-over ceremony was held yesterday at the Windhoek Central Hospital, where Sinasra’s offices are situated. Sinasra is the acronym for the organization Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance. The sunscreen cream came from the German army and is made for sensitive skin. The cream is good for the skin of albinos and will help protect them against the sun. On the local shelves, the cream costs about N$200, but an albino can get it for free at the hospital. In the past the OOCT focused solely on the Otavi area but it has now expanded its focus to the rest of the country, it said yesterday. The OOCT, which was established by Ohorongo Cement, has three focus areas, namely education, health care and infrastructure. “Within the health care department, we have partners that we identified in Germany through the support of e.V . “e.V works very closely with OOCT and we identify projects pertaining to health care and they do fundraising, dinners and everything that side and then provide what is needed for projects,’’ said Carina Sowden, the marketing and communications manager of OOCT. Sowden noted that they do not make financial contributions, but contribute always in kind so if a hospital needs sunscreen they provide sunscreen, if it needs wheelchairs they provide wheelchairs. “We are going to give it to all the hospitals in the country, it will be free of charge,’’ said Dr Peter Stoermer from Sinasra. Stoermer explained that they also received spectacles from the German ambassador. The spectacles will help albinos in school to read and write. Stoermer noted that when an albino gets the cream they will also receive spectacles.
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