• November 18th, 2018
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Saxophone whiz-kid Suzy ready to share her talents!

Time Out
Time Out

United States-based Namibian saxophone whiz, Suzy Eises, is back again and this time offering to share her skills with fellow young Namibians. Eises said she wants to use the opportunity that she’s back home to educate young willing Namibians on how to play different instruments specifically Saxophones and a piano. “It’s very important to play an instrument, it somehow helps with discipline. It can be an alternative by keeping young people of the streets and in the process it helps one manage time wisely,” she said. Eises will be offering Saxophone lessons for as little as N$100 per hour and free piano lessons with hopes that she helps as much people as possible because she will be returning to school in April. “I want to start off by visiting some schools and help where I can. It’s a short time but I want to do as much as I possibly can.” she said. Suzy Eises is a positive, young, aspiring Jazz musician. She attended a one year music course at the London Centre of Contemporary Music between 2009 and 2010. Suzy has worked with South African house DJ Groove Candi and featured on her debut track, 'I decided'. She performed at the Old Mutual Jazz Encounters held in October 2011 sharing the stage with Jimmy Dludlu and Simphiwe Dana. Suzy started 2012 by opening for South African house sensation, Mi Casa at the Windhoek Show grounds. She performed at numerous festivals and corporate events in Windhoek, Namibia. She left for Kenya without her saxophone early 2013 to volunteer as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Suzy will continue her studies in music at Brigham Young University-Idaho in the United States (US) in April. If you would like to see what Suzy is all about, she will be performing every Monday from 20h00 at the warehouse Theatre until she departs to the US. For more information on the lessons, check out Suzy’s Facebook Page: Suzy Eises. Caption: United States-based Namibian Saxophone genius, Suzy Eises will be offering lessons on how to play a Saxophone as well as a piano before her departure to the US.
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2015-02-20 10:20:22 3 years ago

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