• November 15th, 2018
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Valentine’s wedding and retail therapy


WHEN I said stay in your baan, I meant to say that you mustn’t be a snitch or skinderbek and get involved in things that have got entirely nothing to do with you. Like sneaking into the most important Valentine’s wedding of the year, where instead of behaving and staying out of the limelight, you were the first to pop the champagne and steal video clips that you posted on your Facebook pages and WhatsApps. This while there was a dedicated photographer for the occasion. No wonder MTC is now in trouble for all the wrong reasons. I wasn’t at the first couple in-line’s wedding that’s why I can’t confirm whether it’s true that some of you brought your ice-cream bakkies along to take the leftovers home - kama to give to Spottie, while we know the doggie would probably only taste the chewed bones. I also heard that some of the catering aunties serving the food were so dikbek because some of you asked for some more and ended up exchanging unpleasentries with the aunties for accusing them of giving little pieces of meat. Etsê, we must stop these things in the name of Namibia, vakuetu. It’s not only shameful, but it will also drag our good name through the mud, because I am sure there were several foreign VVIPs (very, very important people) on the guest list. But since I suspect that my invitation card got lost in the mail or is still on the way, let me rather shift to the pressing matters that we are facing on a daily basis, like shortage of housing, safety and security issues and the rising prices of food. I can see someone yawning and rolling their eyes. Eto, how is it that we care so little about our own welfare? We face many problems on a daily basis and although we know remedies to the problems, we have the tendency of thinking that it’s none of my business. I think no one could have penned it better than our own Tate Buti with his song, ‘Ekke wolly fokkol.’ Yes, we really worry fokkol, but for one, I think that government should have used the mass housing funds to service land instead of building houses. The biggest problem we are facing is not shortage of land but inadequate serviced land. If you brought someone from Jozi to Windhoek and they hear that the reason we don’t have our own kayas is because there is no land, they would be like, “hey wena, are you blind or just plain crazy?” Land stretches as far as the eye can see, but it’s un-serviced, which is why the municipality has a problem providing land. We don’t call our country ‘land of many open spaces’ for nothing. So, let’s start taking interest in things that really matter and stop being oop bek about things that will not improve our living conditions, like caring about the lives of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who have no fokkol clue you exist. This thing of sugar-coating things and saying all will be well in the end, probably expecting the famous healer, Mutindi (may he rest in peace) to come back and fix it will force some people to go on ke-retail therapy like the boys who went on a spending spree with other people’s money in the north. Sorry Ngo! mnunuhe@gmail.com
New Era Reporter
2015-02-20 08:48:06 3 years ago

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