• November 14th, 2019

Bank Windhoek enhances internet banking platform

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Business & Finance

WINDHOEK - Bank Windhoek is scheduled to re-launch its internet banking services, iBank, in March 2015 to provide easy and convenient services to its clients when making internet banking transactions. The online service has been re-designed, while the navigation elements will remain in more or less the same place, to avoid confusion. The current web address also remains unchanged. A few additional functionalities, such as cancelling post-dated transactions, were also added. Bank Windhoek clients will now be able to make payments to any bank in Namibia or South Africa, which is registered with Namclear or Bankserv, pay third parties (eg municipal bills, Telecom accounts), transfer funds to other internal accounts, view and print account statements on all linked accounts, stop cheque payments and cancel post-dated transactions. According to Bank Windhoek, its iBank platform already comes with a notification service, whereby clients are notified via SMS and/or email when they log onto their internet banking accounts. The notification service acts as a security element that alerts and protects clients against unauthorised transactions. A third security layer, namely the E-Secure Token, further authenticates the client’s identity before logging into his/her internet banking account, preventing access to their online services by unauthorised parties. The client enters his/her secret PIN into the token, which then generates a unique code. This unique code is used together with the username and password to log onto the client’s iBank account. The E-Secure Token is small enough to act as a key holder and the client receives it at no extra cost when registering for iBank. “The new iBank platform was designed with the clients in mind as they were consulted during the designing process to ensure that the new service, with its new design and added functionalities, meets their needs and expectations. iBank allows clients to access and make transactions on their accounts in the privacy and safety of their own homes. Bank Windhoek will continue to update its technology offerings to keep up with advances and keep them relevant to clients,” said Harrycio Landsberg, Business Development Officer: Electronic Channels at Bank Windhoek. “Our customers should please take note that, to provide the new look and feel of the product and take advantage of newer technology, we needed to end the support for older internet explorer versions. Therefore, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and the versions below that will no longer be supported,” explained Landsberg.
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2015-02-24 09:14:00 | 4 years ago

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