• November 19th, 2018
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Notice to commercial farmers- NSA

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Business & Finance

The Namibia Statistics Agency sent Questionnaires to all commercial farmers within the borders of Namibia and urged the farmers to complete and return the completed questionnaires by the 13th of February 2015. The NSA would like to inform that we have extended the deadline forreturning the completed questionnaires up to the end of February 2015. The NSA hereby kindly reminds all commercial farmers who did not complete and returned the questionnaires up to date, to use the time to accurately complete these questionnaires and send them back by Friday 27 February 2015. We are ready to assist where needed. Please note our contact details: Physical address: FGI House 44 Post Street Mall (opposite Standard Bank HQ) WINDHOEK Contact persons: Mr Joseph Minnaar or Ms Zuvee Kahitu Contact telephone number: 061-431-3200 YOUR CO-OPERATION WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!! Namibia Statistics Agency, P. O. Box 2133, Windhoek, FGI House, Post Street Mall Tel: +264 61 431 3200 Fax: +264 61 431 3253 | +264 61 431 3240 www.nsa.org.na
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2015-02-26 09:04:02 3 years ago

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