• November 14th, 2018
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Swapo will not tolerate indiscipline


KEETMANSHOOP - The //Kharas regional Swapo Party coordinator Matheus Mumbala says the ruling party will not tolerate undisciplined behaviour from its members. Speaking at the Swapo regional executive committee meeting at the Swapo regional head office in Keetmanshoop on Saturday, Mumbala outlined the importance of discipline saying Swapo owes its strong foundation today to the elders who founded the party and kept it alive because of their unwavering commitment and sheer discipline. He said the party would not entertain members who do not respect the party’s elders. Working together for a greater good is only possible, he said, if members respect each other and thus Swapo members have to tolerate each other and work together for the common goals of the party. “When I look at (Nangolo) Mbumba, I see a leader and a father so I must respect him as my elder,” he stated. He said members have a huge responsibility to protect and defend the party’s constitution, policies and activities. Mumbala touched on the sensitive issue of land, saying that young people should instead fight for law reform on land instead of joining in making mass land applications, as happened countrywide on Friday. “Lawmakers should change the law to give more power to local authorities … now you have to apply and send applications to Windhoek for approval,” he bemoaned. Former minister of environment and tourism and one of the Swapo leaders assigned to the //Kharas Region, Willem Konjore, at the same event reiterated the need for discipline, noting that as leaders there is a need for them to know what is stated in its constitution in order not to undermine it. “Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are not disciplined you are doomed to failure,” stated Konjore. He urged the youth not to be in a hurry to take over, but added that elders should know there would be someone to take over from them one day. The executive committee meeting was aimed at taking stock of last year’s activities, looking at the party structures in the region and planning of regional strategies.
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