• November 19th, 2018
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Agra committed to agricultural development

WINDHOEK - Agra remains committed to developing the agricultural sector. Through its ProVision Division, farmers are exposed to viable farming alternatives and supported directly to grow the industry. Agra ProVision also sets out to recognise existing expertise, provide missing expertise and bridging the gaps with best-practice and innovative production systems and solutions. The core service offered by ProVision is the supply and transfer of industry knowledge and expertise. Agra’s ProVision hosted nine breakfast meetings countrywide to facilitate networking and brainstorming among producers and individuals from various sectors in government and the private sector on topics relevant to the agricultural industry. Agra’s regular breakfast meetings discusss various topics ranging from “Basic principles of farming” to “Diploida headrot in maize” and from “The farmers’ catalogue” to “Swakara pelt auction results.” Last year, Agra ProVision also went out to the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) of Namibia to discuss the importance of livestock feed supplementation, particularly on nutrients and their sources during the winter period. Agra ProVision has a keen interest in the successful development of Namibia’s production areas in the traditionally known communal land areas. The breakfast meetings have become popular platforms to remind, educate and inform participants on good and sustainable farming practices. Agra ProVision also hosted two information days to provide feedback on the fully-funded Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) – Namibia projects: the “Baseline survey of animal nutrition” and the “Sero-epidemiological and parasite survey in livestock”. The events were hosted in Oshakati and Rundu respectively. At one feedback session, Clemens Kashuupulwa,  Governor of the Oshana region involved in the implementation of the MCA funded projects, said this: “The information and research findings shared with us will enable us to plan better and improve the quality of lives in the NCA. This is a step in the right direction for achieving Vision 2030. We appreciate the efforts and hard work that Agra and other stakeholders have put into this project by supporting an ecological and economically sustainable value chain for agricultural production and rural development.” Agra ProVision, together with farm workers and managers, constructed a basic crush pen for a resettlement farmer. Through this intervention, farm workers from the neighbouring resettlement farms gained valuable practical skills to construct a crush pen. The crush pen will enable the farmer to handle his livestock effectively, especially for animal husbrandry practices. At the annual Meat Production School hosted by the Namibia Stud Breeders Association, Agra contributed towards general expenses of hosting the two-day event and obtaining an international speaker. Agra is also the annual sponsor of the Polythechnic of Namibia’s Agriculture Student of the Year Award.
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