• October 17th, 2018
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Hano Youth Foundation to mark five years anniversary

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

WINDHOEK-The Hano Youth Foundation is celebrating its fifth year anniversary on March 23, at Ondjuhua in Okondjatu. Hano’s Executive Chairperson, Veneruru Mieze, says they will be celebrating their five years of existence and productively helping less privileged youths through different youth development programmes.  “We will also be honouring the hard work of our staff members who put in their full time and effort by volunteering in different activities through the organisation,” says Mieze. He adds that during the past five years, they have achieved a lot including helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) with different donations of goods and materials, and paying the school fees of the less privileged through sponsors. “We have been recognised as a charity welfare organisation by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, and also as a youth organisation by the National Youth Council (NYC),” affirms he. Mieze says the most challenging effect they have been encountering over the years of their existence has been not being able to get non-Otjiherero speaking people due to the fact that the founders are Ovaherero. “To overcome these challenges, we started marketing the organisation nationally through different radio stations,” he says. Apart from helping the OVC, the organisation also initiated two gardens projects at Ondjuhua and Okatjoruu, funded by American Self Help Programme and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This year, the organisation is also planning on having its own head office and vehicles to continue with what they do best helping the OVC. It is also hosting a beauty pageant ‘Miss HANO’ schedule to take place in the Katutura Central Hall here on April 11. The HANO Youth Foundation was established in 2010 with the aim of uplifting the youths’ living conditions, combat crime and fight against HIV and AIDS. The Foundation is a proud member of NANASO (Namibia Network of AIDS Services Organisations), Khomas Regional Youth Forum and Khomas Regional Aids Coordinating Committee (RACOC).
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