• November 19th, 2018
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NSC is not a toothless bulldog- Shiyuka

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

WINDHOEK - Vice-Chairperson of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC), Amos Shiyuka, has fervidly rubbished suggestions by local sports pundits that the NSC is a ‘toothless bulldog’ for its apparent lack of urgency in addressing allegations of racism in domestic sport, misappropriation of funds and preferential treatment of certain athletes. Speaking to New Era Sport yesterday, Shiyuka reluctantly admitted that the commission has been moving at a snail’s pace in addressing sensitive issues such as racism and mismanagement of funds by administrators, but however insisted the issues require a lot of time to investigate to uncover tangible evidence. Shiyuka’s comments follow hot on the heels of a public outcry for the NSC to pull up its socks and start handling with sharp teeth the seemingly never-ending wrangles in sport. At the centre of storm is the much-publicised saga between cycling sensation Costa Seibeb and the Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF). Seibeb was recently suspended in absentia by the NCF for alleged insubordination following his last-minute withdrawal from the Namibian cycling team that participated in the African Championship in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, last month. Strangely, Seibeb was never accorded an opportunity to present his case and subsequently prove his innocence but NCF president Mannie Heymans is adamant the youngster attended the hearing in person and was given ample opportunity to present his case, though he declined to provide minutes to back up his version of events. In the meantime, Shiyuka has assured the public the case will soon be put to bed and promised to deal with the matter in the most appropriate fashion once all investigations are completed. “We are just waiting for the report from the NCF and once we receive it, we will weigh up all available information at our disposal and come up with a final report that will be made public through the media. As of now, let us all be patient but rest assured we will deal with whoever is in the wrong,” said Shiyuka.
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