• November 19th, 2018
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Scholtz highlights development in !Nami#nus

LÜDERITZ - The !Nami#nus Constituency office has proactively initiated and is at the forefront to promote several development projects that are intended to uplift inhabitants of the constituency. !Nami#nus Constituency Councillor, Jan Scholtz, listed several projects that have been implemented and have come to fruition for the benefit of members of his constituency comprising Lüderitz and Aus. One such project is the installation of electricity boxes worth N$90 000 for over 40 households. Free maize meal was also distributed to poor households in Lüderitz’s urban area. For the first time under the food relief programme, a public private partnerships campaign was initiated to unlock resources, which resulted in the new bakery and the mortuary in Aus. Health facilities and school laboratories were also upgraded and a partnership entered into in the management of an agricultural project. Through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the council assisted several businesspeople in Aus and Lüderitz through the equipment aid scheme free of charge. “The year 2014 was a challenging year, demanding above average input to ensure the progress of the constituency and region at hand. On a regional level, sanitation upgrades to urban and rural areas were initiated,” said Scholtz. He further told New Era that various sewerage and water reticulation projects were inaugurated in Aus, Ariamsvlei, Aroab, Noerdower and Aussenkehr at a cost of N$30 million. The regional council acquired a new fleet of vehicles, he said, to ensure better service delivery and to enable councillors to visit all areas of the region. The //Kharas/Northern Cape agreement was strengthened and with the ongoing construction of the Neckertal Dam and the Lüderitz Waterfront, there was a rise in employment. “The completion of the Aus/Lüderitz railway will surely increase the logistics capacity of the region, through Lüderitz. With servicing of erven, especially in Noerdower, we have striven to propel the push for housing for all residents in the region,” emphasized the !Nami#nus Constituency councillor, who is also the chairperson of the //Karas Regional Council. As for 2015, Scholtz said every budget has its limitations, as the government has to prioritise according to needs and where best value would be achieved. The council has maintained a good relationship with the private sector in the region, especially those in the mining and fishing sector. “We overcame many challenges, as our Constituency Development Committee which consists of all stakeholders in the constituency aided in ring fencing issues that needed such effort. Through such consultative efforts, we make the private sector aware of the social responsibility and aid in guiding where best to avail resources,” noted Scholtz.
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2015-03-04 08:09:19 3 years ago

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